Writing Consultation Services for Poetry Collections only

Please message via the contact form with the following information about your book:

  • Title

  • Publication Date

  • Publisher

  • Blurb

  • Content Warnings (must include!)

  • Word Count

  • When requesting a sensitivity read, state the marginalisations you wish me to read for

Please note that I will only work with authors who provide clear and thorough content warnings about their work from their initial email. I will disregard any email received that doesn't contain content warnings about their work.

Please note that payment will be arranged through PayPal. Services won’t go ahead until full payment is confirmed and received.

I will reply to your inquiry within 2-3 days.

Sensitivity Reading Services

I read for the following:

  • Mental Illness

    • depression, anxiety, social anxiety, dissociation, self-harm, suicidal ideations, psychological therapy, medication, BPD (borderline personality disorder)/EUPD (emotionally unstable personality disorder), PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), panic attacks

  • Gender and Sexuality

    • AFAB (assigned female at birth), transgender non-binary, non-binary, they/them pronouns, binding, gender dysphoria, demigender, bisexuality, polysexuality, pansexuality, demisexuality, ENMR (ethically non-monogamous relationship), first-hand experience of anti-non-binary and transphobia

  • Other topics:

    • childhood sexual abuse, rape, sexual harassment, stalking, bullying, difficult parental relationships, working class, university student, mature university student, Scottish citizen.

*Please note that I am a white Scot, so my experiences of the above will be different to other people's experiences.*

Sensitivity Reading Price List for Poetry Collections only

I charge £0.05 per word approximately. This is just a guideline price. My sensitivity reading package contains my detailed thoughts on the representation of a topic, line/poem suggestions to clarify meaning if necessary, and content warning suggestions.

Depending on the length and content of your poetry collection, it will take approximately two weeks for a sensitivity read. Please take this into consideration before hiring me. If you require a fast sensitivity read of your collection (less than two weeks), an extra fee may be charged.

Please note that my editing and sensitivity reading services are not an endorsement of your writing. Regarding sensitivity reading, my experiences of a particular marginalisation will differ vastly to other marginalised people. Please take this into consideration.

Please email me for a quote.

Combination Package

If you require both editing and sensitivity reading, I charge £0.05 per word approximately. The combination package begins with the editing package, which is followed on with the sensitivity reading package, after returning the manuscript to you.

Any questions or a quote regarding the above, please drop me a message via the contact form with the subject line “Writing Consultation Services”.