How to apply for a review copy of my book(s)

Before sending me your blogging info, please note that the following is mandatory in order to receive a review copy of my book(s):

  • Must have an active Goodreads account.

  • Must be able to review on Amazon.

Being able to review my books massively helps me as an indie author!

Send me an email with the following information:

  • Name

  • Email Address

  • Which book(s) you’d like to review

  • Blog title & link (feel free to mention statistics also)

  • Social media links (where you’d normally share your posts to)

  • A link to a recent review (helps me understand your blogging style)

  • Whether you are able to leave a rating and/or short review on Goodreads and/or Amazon

  • Whether you want a physical copy or an e-book copy

There is no guarantee that I will accept your request. I will reply to your review request enquiry within 2-3 days regardless of the outcome.

If accepted, you are agreeing to not share the review copy of my work with any other blogger or reader. If found out, you will be blacklisted. Other bloggers/readers should get in touch with me first.

If rejected, please don’t see this as a reflection of your blog. As an indie author, I have to be careful with who I share my work with. I hope you can understand.

Thank you for your interest!